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WuHan ChangSha trip from 24 June to 27 June 2017

Come back from WuHan and ChangSha trip, the itinerary is as below,

SINGAPORE – Guangzhou CZ8490 K 320 2017-06-24 03:55 Changi International Airport 08:05 Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou – Wuhan CZ659 K 77W 2017-06-24 11:30 Baiyun Airport 13:25 Tianhe Airport

Changsha – Guangzhou CZ3379 E 320 2017-06-26 17:35 Huanghua Airport 18:55 Baiyun Airport

Guangzhou – SINGAPORE CZ8489 E 320 2017-06-26 23:05 Baiyun Airport 03:05+1d Changi International Airport

Took G93 from WuHan to ChangSha, 9:58 start, arrive at 11:18.

Took vidoes on the train, the average speed is around 300KM/H.


Get Wi-Fi username / Password at GuangZhou airport.


Shuttle electric car from area B to area A.

GuangZhou to WuHan flight,

Wuhan high speed train station


Boarding G93

In ChangSha, near Xiang River

WangDa Movie theatre.

Bike sharing in ChangSha,

My luggage,

Food at GuangZhou airport,

Price 53 RMB

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