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Using the VirtualBox to work on the old software

Received my new computer for 3 days already, I am trying to moving from my existing old computer to my new computer, there are quite a lot of files needs to copy, and some software to be installed, the first priority is the MicroSoft office 2010, I have a licence for 3 computers, left one, so I used it in this new computer, other software are the Ultra Edit, Chrome browser, QQ IM etc.

Some of the software is not working anymore on Windows 8, especially my the software related to my work, so I need to install the VirtualBox and install Windows XP in the VirtualBox,  then I can install some old software inside the Virtual Windows XP.

From the VirtaulBox setting I can share my Windows 8 folder to the Virtual Windows XP, from Setting->Share Folders->add

From inside the Virtual Windows XP, the path is as My Computer-> 映射网络驱动器->VirtualBox Shared Folders etc.


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