问题 WordPress的Jetpack插件可以防止恶意攻击和垃圾评论,最近更新需要授权Jetpack访问所在WordPress站点才能运行。但是我的.htaccess限制了特定IP才能访问。 解决 不限制IP访问便可解决: #我先前限制了只有我的公网IP才能登录我的站点。 #allow from allow from all 参考 Fixing Jetpack Connection Issues Getting Started With Jetpack Here’s how to get started with Jetpack.

After Windows 10 upgrading deleting previous windows installation

After successful upgraded from Windows 8 to Windows 10, everything is working fine, and found the C drive free space drastically reduced quite a lot, almost 20 plus GB, googled and followed the online instruction to delete the previous windows installation, the link is as http://www.tenforums.com/tutorials/2066-windows-old-folder-delete-windows-10-a.html The previous windows installation was stored in the folder “Windows.old” […]