Embedded Linux S3C2440 Application Development and Debugging

Summary Write your own application and include the application into the final image to be downloaded into the S3C2440 board, and you can debug the application by using GDB. User Application Below is the simple user application, print a string, and reverse the string and print again. #include <stdio.h> #include <string.h> #include <stdlib.h> void my_print(char […]

Embedded Linux S3C2440 Build and Boot an Image

Summary Tried to build and boot zImage on Embedded Linux S3C2440. Install Buildroot I tried to compile and install the latest Buildroot by downloading at https://buildroot.org/ , ‘buildroot-2018.02.9.tar.bz2’, the compiling and installation was successful, and change the /etc/profile to below, PATH=$PATH:/home/iot/buildroot-2018.02.9/output/host/usr/bin TARGET_DIR=/home/iot/buildroot-2018.02.9/output/target Note: you cannot use root to compile Buildroot. But the compiling for busybox […]