kickstart usage in RHEL6

Kickstart is used in Redhat Linux automatically perform unattended operating system installation and configuration.Install Kickstart yum install system-config-kickstart Start the kickstart at “Applications->System Tools->Kickstart” you can generate your kickstart configuration file from kickstart configurator, just configure it one step by one step, herewith one link of the detail: here I generated ks_XiongX.cfg, add one line key –skip key --skip # Install OS instead of upgrade install change the access condition,   chmod 777 ks_xiongX.cfg I uploaded to, folder /var/www/html/, this can be accessed by Install the Linux in the KVM by the kickstart, first install the KVM # yum install kvm qemu-kvm python-virtinst libvirt libvirt-python virt-manager libguestfs-tools Create new KVM, choose ‘network boot’ link to the DVD source and the kickstart configuration file.