RHEL7 rename VM in libvirt+KVM

Summary virsh command control Requirement on change domainVM name Procedure to change the domain VM name shutdown the virtual machine dump xml to xml file modify the xml file to change the domainVM name Undefine old virtual machine Define new virtual machine Reference Summary I have created VM in libvirt + KVM under RHEL7 environment, but requires to rename the domain name of the VM, find out the way by export xml file, modify and import again, achieved the change domain name effect.

kickstart usage in RHEL6

Kickstart is used in Redhat Linux automatically perform unattended operating system installation and configuration.Install Kickstart yum install system-config-kickstart Start the kickstart at "Applications->System Tools->Kickstart" you can generate your kickstart configuration file from kickstart configurator, just configure it one step by one step, herewith one link of the detail: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_64aac6750100zrwn.html here I generated ks_XiongX.cfg, add one line key --skip key --skip # Install OS instead of upgrade install change the access condition,   chmod 777 ks_xiongX.cfg I uploaded to, folder /var/www/html/, this can be accessed by Install the Linux in the KVM by the kickstart, first install the KVM # yum install kvm qemu-kvm python-virtinst libvirt libvirt-python virt-manager libguestfs-tools Create new KVM, choose 'network boot' link to the DVD source and the kickstart configuration file.