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Singapore Experiential Tour (Set G)

Registered the Singapore Experiential Tour as 16th May 2015 from 9:00AM to 12:00 PM, it’s part of the Singapore journey to obtain the Singapore citizen, the tour is to walk around the Fort Canning Park, lead by our tour guide Patrick, there are around 40 people, and divided into two group, after we registered at the Singapore Museum at 9:00 AM, inside the 20 people group we introduced ourselves one by one, who you are, where are you from, how long have been in Singapore, where to live, favorite Singapore local food. From the introduction, came to know almost 1/3 are mainland Chinese, 1/3 are from Malaysia, others are from Indonesia, India, etc other countries.

This Set G tour is outdoor walking in the Fort Canning Park, it was very hot today and a burning sun made everyone sweating, but quite interesting tour.


Centre is Patrick, nice guy

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