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Renewed and collected my Singapore passport

It was almost 5 years usage for my first Singapore passport, and it will expire on 24 June 2020. I received a letter from ICA about the ‘Singapore Passport Expiry Notice’ on 24 September 2019, it reminded me that most countries impose a minimum entry requirement of 6-month validity, so I need to apply to renew my passport.

I made application online on ICA website, the application fee was 70 SGD, firstly I used a passport photo taken by my hand phone, it was rejected for below reason.

1, Image background is not white in colour.
2, Has refection on the spectacles.

So I went to a photo studio and spent 12 SGD to take a passport photo and get a soft copy, re-submit online, this time it worked, within one week, new passport was ready to collect, and I made eAppointment to arrange passport collection through iCollect.

The iCollect is at the eLobby at the first floor in ICA building.


The procedure was quite simple, just follow the guidance step by step, and within 5 minutes, you received your new passport. The right side machine was to scan your iris.

Collecting passport.

Collection of Passport

Without any officer near around, there was a notice about assistance information.

The old passport was invalid by punching four holes on the biometric pages.

Invalid passport


Singapore ICA website

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