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Preparation on Zend PHP certification exam (uCertify)

Although my everyday work is not involving PHP, this technology interest me as it’s popular Web programming language, powerful and easy to use, my blog was built by WordPress(PHP/mySQL), it’s natural to look at the Zend PHP 5.5 Certification as a method to learn and develop the knowledge about PHP, and maybe add a little logo on my CV, I know this is a challenge, I am glad to take it.

Zend offers online training course, I felt it quite expensive, I’d like to recommend the alternative online course provided by uCertify, now I am halfway in the preparation and found it is value of money, the course built up my PHP knowledge and confidence along the way.

I installed the XAMP and Zend Studio(trial version) in my computer, the complete PHP testing environment is necessary, you can test your PHP code right away during your study. Another free resource is the PHP online manual. I’d say no else material is needed if you use the resources mentioned properly.

While I am using uCertify Zend online course, I have below observations,

1, before you start the course, you can have a Pre-Assessment to identify your readiness to the exam, weakest area, where do you need to improve.

2, there are 20 chapters, now I am studying chapter 10, the structure of the content is well organized, it is interactive e-book, with the video embedded, and by select the text, you can do the annotation, google search, etc. You can even test the PHP code by click the “try it yourself” button. uCertify

3, at the end of each chapter book, there will be flash card study to strengthen your important knowledge points, there will be quiz and exercise to test your study results. the question in the test includes multiple choices, blank filling, drag and drop questions etc.

4,Study Planner: Based on platform usage, an exam readiness score is determined. A score of 100% is ideal. A score over 90% earns you a certificate of completion from uCertify. Now I am 22%, a long way to go,

5, there is also the Test History & Performance Analytic, all the testing and exercise  history was recorded, you can review it anytime, and you can retake the test, and furthermore, you can select to re-test the wrong questions only. This really helps you to practice and redress your weakest points.


6, there are more than 3 full length test for simulation for the real exam, haven’t try this, will wait for until I finished the last chapter to use to test my readiness for the real exam.

Will continue to  study on this course, I believe I will be ready for the Zend PHP 5.5 exam once I complete this online course.


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