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NUS student admission medical examination 12 July


Booked the NUS student admission medical examination on 12th June online, one month earlier than the examination day. Completed the medical exam on 12th July. The medical test is compulsory for all the incoming student.

Book online

I made appointment online on 12th June, paid 40 SGD online. It is advised to arrange the medical examination earlier as at the end of July, and before 10th August, as more international undergraduate students will come to do medical check then, and expect more waiting time..

Online booking,

book online

Booking confirmation:

confirm booking

Payment receipt:

payment receipt

Medical exam on 12th July

No fasting is required for the medical examination.

University Health Centre
20 Lower Kent Ridge Road
Level 1, Singapore 119080


UHC operating hours:

Operating hours

Front gate:

Front gate


After enter UHC, turn right and go directly to the station A:

Station A

Raffles Hall, park my car at Car Park 4 in front of Raffles Hall.

Raffles Hall

Car Park 4:

Car Park 4

Car Park 5B, it looks like this car park is not for visitors, all parking lots are red parking lots.

Car Park 5B

Tested below items:

Physical Parameters
Urine Test
Chest X-ray
Medical Review by a doctor

I entered UHC on 8:30 AM, and completed the examination at around 9:30 AM, it took more than 1 hour.

No need to collect Pre-Admission Medical Exam Report, it will be reported to the relevant faculty/department.

After Urine test, they suspected that I have diabetes, and added one more test item Hypocount to test blood sugar, the test result was normal, and the doctor advised me to eat food less in carbohydrates.



NUS Pre-Admission Medical Exam
NUS Pre-Admission Medical Exam Process
University Health Centre – National University Of Singapore (NUS), 20 Lower Kent Ridge Road 119080 – Street directory

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