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NUS MBA module BMA 5001 Managerial Economics in semester 2

BMA 5001 Managerial Economics is a core module in semester 2 for part time students, every Monday 6:30pm – 9:30pm, from January to end of April.

This module was mainly about microeconomic, includes: the market demand and supply, Behavioral Economics, Competitive market, Monopoly market, Price Discrimination, Two Part Pricing and Bundling and Game Theory etc. There was two problem sets homework by group work, one 25 minutes Case presentation or free topic presentation, Mid term exam and final exam.

Text books:
Microeconomics (Global Edition), 9th ed., Robert S. Pindyck & Daniel L. Rubinfeld, Pearson/Prentice Hall.
Managerial Economics, 5th ed., Ivan Png, Taylor & Francis.

A bonus game theory question in the final exam as below,

Choose 5 free extra marks or 2 marks.
– You get whichever extra marks you chose if
less than 20% of all students chose 5 marks.
– Otherwise, no one gets any extra marks

Before the exam, we discussed in the what’s app group that all of us will choose 2 marks, but there was no miracle! after the exam, the professor told us twelve students picked 5 marks, which makes (12/49)x100 = 24.49%. So all the students got 0 mark for this question, quite interesting.

I guess the game theory wins. Or some of the students are from earlier batches and not in the what’s app group, they didn’t receive the agreement about the discussed deal.

Group photo after the final exam:

Group photo BMA 5001 Managerial Economics


Professor Seung-Gyu JO

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