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NUS MBA BMA5016 Leading with Impact School Semester 1 of 2019/2020


MBA BMA5016 Leading with Impact was a core module for NUS MBA programme, it was taught at Semester 1 of academic year 2019/2020. The course was related to the leadership, how to be a leader in the organization, and influence people around you to achieve your personal and common goals of the team.


The text book usage was How Great Leaders Think: The Art of Reframing, the book has around 200 pages, can be completed relatively easily, it talked about leadership in four framework, structure, human resource, political and symbolic, and how to re-frame and improve the leadership in these four dimensions.

There were four quizzes during the class, including MCQ, writing short essay, and simple PPT preparation etc., all the content of the quizzes were related to the teachings in the class.

Three or four case studies, a few exercises including designed games, which was fun and learning the leadership through simulating scenarios, and there were a few guest speakers who came from different industries to share their experiences in the class .

A leadership group project started from the beginning of the class, four students formed a team, to solve an organization behavior challenge in the workplace, the selected organization was one of our team members, we identified structure, human resource, political and symbolic issues and proposed our recommendations, a 15 minutes presentation was conducted by the team members at the last class.

The professor setup a forum for the students to discuss online if you don’t have chance to speak up during the class, I wrote an thread about managing working relationship at workplace, by using the learning about Peter Block’s Framework, and I used the same content to write a blog entry as Facebook employee suicide case – Some thought about managing the working relationship.


The professor was NARAYANAN, Jayanth, he is very knowledgeable and is able to teach the knowledge by story telling, provide insight understanding about the leadership, stimulate interesting thinking from the students, the class was full of fun, and we have learned a lot from him.

Group photo at the last class,

MBA BMA5016 Class photo

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