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NUS MBA BMA5008 Financial Management in semester 1

BMA5008 Financial Management in semester 1 is a core module taught by Dr Antoniades.

Class date: From 13/8/2018 To 12/11/2018 Semester 1, Academic Year 2018-2019
This module is the fundamental course for finance, talking about time Value Money, bonds, stocks, Corporate Financing etc., there will be a few home work (in group), case studies, mid term exam and final exam.

Textbook: Principles of Corporate Finance, Richard A. Brealey, Stewart C. Myers, and Franklin Allen (12 Edition), McGraw-Hill.

Dr Antoniades is a excellent professor, below is the group photo after the final class.
Group photo

Dr Antoniades link
BA II Plus Professional Financial Calculator used for Financial management module

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