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MacRitchie Reservoir hiking

As part of SG 50 celebration, decided to go to MacRitchie Reservoir for hiking, completed the circle in around 3 hours, the distance was around 14 KM. This was not the first time to go to MacRichie Reservoir for hiking, planned to park my car at at below location, it’s a free parking place, however we started in the morning too late, already with no parking lot left when reached, so went to MSCP  at the visitor centre near the Lornie road.

Finally parked here, MSCP at the visitor centre, cost around 4 SD,

Inside the MacRitchie Reservoir, quite a scenery place, walked all the boardwalk around the perimeter of the water, and the trail inside the forest, at certain points, you will encounter some wild animals, especially monkeys and lizards, besides all these, there are some other interesting places we have been there before, but not this time,  HSBC TreeTop Walk, Jelutong Tower, etc.

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