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Lemon Tree Hotel of Delhi

Lemon Tree Hotel is a very nice chain hotel, located in Gurgaon, the outskirt of New Delhi, two days staying there gave me a good experience, impressed by its unique style of the decoration, nice and friendly service.

In Gugaon, two Lemon Tree are there, the new one is still under renovation, with better facility than the old one, there is also a swimming pool there, bigger restaurant near the lobby, better and new facility, the fitness room still under construction. Below is the picture took outside of the new hotel,

I guess the market orientation of this hotel is the moderate price customer, just like China economic chain hotel, but the rate is not so cheap, and this time because of the Common Wealth Game, the price increased quite a bit at this time,  actually the ordinary hotel price in India is much more expensive compare to the same level hotel to China.

Some of the services in this hotel need to improve, for example, they print the bill with my name wrongly spelled even I request them to correct it when I check out, there is no original bill for the restaurant and cab services.

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