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Killing zombie process & emacs Copy paste in putty

Note down a few tricks,

1, killing zombie process, first find out the zombie process by ps or top command,
# ps aux | awk '{ print $8 " " $2 }' | grep -w Z
ps aux | grep 'Z'

2, by kill command to kill the zombie process,
kill -9 PID no.

3, or by kill the zombie’s parent:
find out the zombie’s parent,
pstree -p -s PID no.
then kill the parent process by PID,
kill -9 PID no.

4, use emacs to select, copy and paste in putty
some differences between the linux opened terminal and connected through the putty. When I tried the select, copy and paste, because of the key board mapping.

To select, The Ctl + Space cannot work, needs to use Ctl + shift + 2 or Ctl + @
To copy, the Alt + w cannot work, needs to use Esc + w

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