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India Mumbai, Pune trip – 6 –Encounter wedding event at hotel

I had India trip from 30th Nov. to 14th Dec.2018, and stayed in hotel Club Emerald at Mumbai, it was a relatively new hotel. On 11th Dec., there was a wedding event in hotel, and I was just curious and chose to be an uninvited guest, to have a look how Indian people have their wedding ceremony.

All the wedding elements are almost the same as other wedding held in Singapore, China. One interesting point is that Indian people really love dancing and music. I guess those people dancing on stage are ordinary people, maybe bride and groom’s relative and friends. And the new couple was also part of the dancing program.

I don’t know the bride and groom, but my best wishes to them for happiness and prosperous!

Dancing on the stage.

Dance 2
New couple enter the event by this carriages.
From hotel room window, the music was loud,
From hotel room window

Dancing 3
I was an uninvited guest sitting below, even took some drinks when waiter passed by.
Uninvited guest

Food 2
Dancing 4

Dancing 5
Dancing 6

Food 3

Food 4

Dance 7

Food 5
Dance 8

Food 6

Some videos during the event,


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