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India Mumbai, Pune trip – 5 – Pune

I had India trip from 30th Nov. to 14th Dec.2018, and stayed in Pune for around one week. Pune is the second largest city in the Indian state of Maharashtra. As it was business trip, I didn’t go anywhere, just stayed at hotel and went to customer office.

Moledina Road
Moledina Road
SGS Mall, there were a few food choices there.
SGS Mall
Roadside Bookstore, bought two books there.
Parents pickup children from school.
Parents pickup children from school.

View from customer office – 1.
View from customer office.

View from customer office – 2.
View from customer office - 2.
Barber’s shop at Moledina Road, had haircut there.

 barber's shop.

Moledina Road, took picture from the barber’s shop.
Moledina Road


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