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India Mumbai, Pune trip – 3 – Food

During India trip, I had to eat local food, the problem was that I cannot adapt to India local food. I got upset stomach in the first few days, not feeling like to eat at all. Things were improved a few days later, but normally I preferred to have soup, Tandoori Naan (India bread) and salads.

Eating at MacDonald’s, spicy rice with chicken strip and one Cappuccino.
KFC at SGS mall in Pune.
KFC at SGS mall in Pune
Dinner at hotel Club Emerald, had soup and green salads.
Diner at hotel Club Emerald
Dinner at Coffee House near SGS mall, had vegetarian soup and Kashmir Naan.
Coffee house
Breakfast at Sagar Plaza hotel,

Breakfast at Sagar Plaza hotel
Had lunch at Coffee Day, Salads called Garden Fresh Sear and Inverted Cappuccino.


Coffee day
Tandoori butter Naan and fresh juice.

Tandoori Naan
Tandoori Naan
Hotel Grand Central, a nice restaurant near my hotel.
East End Delhi
Hotel Grand Central

Ordered butter Naan, and Stir Fried Chinese Vegetables.

Hotel Grand Central

Don't know
Mixed Paratha.

Stuffed Naan
Wedding at my hotel Club Emerald.


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