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India Business Visa application in Singapore for Singaporean


Made application on India business visa on 20th June (Thursday) 2018, received my passport back on 26th June (Tuesday) 2018. Write down the application procedure and the application material preparation.

Application material preparation

  • Applications are to be submitted along with a recent passport-size colour photograph (size 2″ x 2″, white background), applicable visa fee in cash and requisite documentation
  • All visa applications should be accompanied by copy of personal particular page of the passport and a copy of the EP/WP/NRIC/SP, Passport (original and copy), Name card (original)
  • company name card.
  • Both Company letter and Invitation letter with company stamp to be addressed to local embassy in Singapore.
  • Your passport must have a minimum validity of six months and two blank pages at the time of submission of visa application.
  • The visa fee charged is non-refundable regardless of the outcome of the application or if the applicant withdraws the application after submission or if the visa cannot be processed within the time frame desired by applicants.
  • Visa fee is SGD$ 242.80, including the delivery fee (SGD 15), after approval, there is no need to go to the Visa centre to collect back the passport.

India Visa application fee receipt

Prepared passport photo, 6 pcs for 9 SGD, near my home.
Passport photo

Parking charge: SGD 3.8.

Parking charge

Application Procedure

First fill in a form online through this Link, during the fill in process, you will be allocated an temporary ID, so you can return by click “Complete Partially Filled
Form” to continue your filling in if you didn’t finish last time.

I left Surname column blank and kindly fill in the full name in the Given Name column in sequence as per the passport
Fill in the town/city name for the place of birth and also the Country name in the column provided. The same needs to be also specified for the parents’ name. Please note the town or city name must be filled as per the actual place of birth of the applicant followed by the country name.

Citizenship/National I.D No is I/C number as per my passport

I print out the application form and signed on two pages, brought along the photocopies of the documents, passport photo, company letter and invitation letter, and went to Little India Visa centre on 20th June 2018.

First obtained a queue ticket (Q no. V014) at the reception counter, then waited in the room, once the number was called, approached to the service counter.


I waited about 5~6 people for about 40 minutes, the processing is fast, just check and receive your documents, made payment by cash. Then went to the desk near the reception counter to collect the finger print, after that went back to the service counter to return all the documents and collect the receipt, all are done.

I received my passport back on 26th June Tuesday through courier Aramex. It is multiple entry business visa valid for one year, each entry can stay 180 days.


VISA Application Centres:

Anson Road
BLS International Services S Pte Ltd
10 Anson Road #30-08 International Plaza
Singapore 079903

Little India
BLS International Services S Pte Ltd
10 Jalan Besar #14-02/04/05 Sim Lim Tower
Singapore 208787
Call Centre Number +6531635611

Submission Timing: Monday to Friday
Submission of Documents: 09.00am to 03.45pm only
Delivery of Documents: 02.00pm to 03.45pm only

Below is the Little India Visa Centre.

Visa centre


01 Form to be filled in and signed on both pages (ONLINE)

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