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In memory with Mr. Vijay Parthasarathy, my respected ex-boss, passed away at Farther’s day

Mr.Vijay was my boss when I was relocated and staying in Bangalore India for two years, he guided me and was mentoring me in the work and life, I grew a lot during those times.

He is the smart card guru, had built up the India team of Telecom and non-Telecom from scratch, the business grew from almost nothing to the size bigger than all other international business combined, this is a great achievement under his leadership, influence and management.

Personally I was lucky when there was an opening position in India office in year 2009, and I was interviewed and recruited by Mr.Vijay himself, so I have the great opportunity to follow his lead, Mr.Vijay was an integrity and honorable man, always teach me a lot of detail things in the office in patience, he has the great visionary, and provide the direction for both the company and personal, whenever you have any difficulties, he is always there, and Mr.Vijay is also strict to his subordinate and has high expectations to the work results and target, I will never achieve what I have accomplished without all his support and mentoring.

I am saddened to hear the news that he has passed away at the Farther’s day, may he rest in peace, my sincere condolence to his families and friends.


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