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How to send ID, Marriage Certificate between Singapore and China


As my wife is in China now, and we need to process some application procedures on the BTO (Build To Order), it requires to send her NRIC back to China, and send her NRIC and our Marriage certificates from China to Singapore. I used DHL and SF express services separately, luckily all the documents were delivered without any issue.

Sending NRIC from Singapore to China

SF cannot send ID

Sending NRIC from Singapore to China, we cannot use SF express, as the SF Chinatown store operation hour is Monday – Sunday (Including Public Holidays) : 10:00 – 21:00, I went down to the Chinatown on 2nd July to send the NRIC. I was told by the staff SF express cannot send IC, and suggested me to use Singpost or DHL.

SF Chinatown

< Chinatown Outlet address>
People’s Park Complex,1 Park Road,#01-83(S18),Singapore 059108

Used DHL to send NRIC.

I used the DHL service the next day on 3rd July, used the DHL Locator to find the Esso DHL drop point.

DHL locator

Esso Upper Serangoon Cheers Store (DHL Partner)
DHL Service Point
1027 Upper Serangoon Road

DHL Service Point
1027 Upper Serangoon Road
Phone 1800 285 8888
Opening Hours
Mon – Sun
00:01 – 23:59
00:01 – 23:59
Latest Drop Off (M-F): 17:00
Parcels dropped off on Saturday are shipped on the next available business day.
Cards and Cash Accepted

It cost me SGD $50 to send the documents (including IC) to Changsha China.

50 SGD

Refer to this Link, the package was sent on 3rd July, my wife received it on 6th July, actually after package arrived Changsha, DHL transferred the package to SF, it was SF express delivered the package at last trip segment.

DHL Tracking

Sending Marriage certificate from China to Singapore

SF express domestic service in Singapore

I used once SF express domestic service to send my Official university undergraduate transcripts to NUS business school. the cost was SGD $6, the shipment was done on the next day.

SF domestic


SF domestic tracking

Send IC and marriage certificate to Singapore

We can use SF express to send IC and marriage certificate to Singapore, it took 2 to 3 days to deliver the package.

The cost was 80 RMB.

The first time, sent the marriage certificate, the package was picked up on 11 July Wednesday, I received it in Singapore on 16 July Monday.

1st time



The 2nd time, sent the NRIC, the package was picked up on 27th July Friday, I received it in Singapore on 30th July Monday.

ID 2nd time


2nd time


DHL sending IC to China tracking number: 5077072840
SF express service point
DHL locator
SF express airway bill check

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