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How to access other computer using different name/password

Once you have successfully accessed another computer in the same LAN, the user name and password will be remembered by your computer, if you access the same computer again, the computer will use the defalt username/password to access. what shall we do if we want to use another username/password. Here is the brief answer below.
First open the DOS interface, by input ‘cmd’ in the ‘run’. using ‘net use’ command to see what’s current connection, is as below:

>net use
状态       本地        远程                      网络
OK                     \$      Microsoft Windows Network

Second delete current connection.

>net use \$ /delete
\$ 已经删除。

Third access the server by IP, the connection interface will prompt
out asking you to input the user name/password.

i tried this on my own computer, it works, but on some of my colleagues’
computer didn’t work, i don’t know the reason.

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