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Haze continue to persist in Singapore

Singapore haze has lasted more than one month, this was caused by Indonesia firms and farmers who engaged in illegal slash and burn practices, this is a way of inexpensively clearing the land, this year (2015) becomes more severe as someones says it is because of dry conditions caused by El Niño phenomenon make the fire spread more easily and widely, at the end of September, the PSI(Pollutant Standard Index) hit a record high with a reading of 341, the MOE announced the schools to be closed, it is said 2015 haze crisis has becomes the worst records in the region, even outstripped the 1997 haze crisis which loses 9 billion US Dollar.

For us living in Singapore, we tried to stay indoor all the time and keep all the windows closed, so recently I didn’t go to swim, the air purifier machine I won in Watchdata D&D is very useful this time at home, we keep it running all the time, I have N95 mask with me, but seldom use it as I am driving to and back from work, other times I just felt quite uncomfortable to wear a mask, as long as it didn’t get worse, I may not wear a N95.
20150924_103209Taken from my home window, haze shrouded Singapore, the construction site at right side is for a elder nursing home in progress


20130519_125242Same angle taken in year 2013 from my home window, clear sky.

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