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First working day after Chinese New Year (Lion dance and Lo Hei)

After Chinese new year, our company started the first working day on 29th January 2020 (初五), there was lion dance performance in the morning, it was a tradition for our company and it was arranged every year on the first working day. The lion dance team will perform lion dance at the front gate, and also dance through the office area, normally will go to management offices.If you prepare red packet, the they will also dance in front of your desk.

Normally we also have our Chinese New Year start work dinner, this time it was on 3rd February 2020 (初十), at Botan Japanese restaurant at Far East Square, normally we would have Lo Hei ceremony before the dinner, it was south east Asia Chinese community culture.

Photo taken at front door:

Below was the video taken on 29th January and uploaded to Youtube, click to view the video on Youtube.


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