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I cannot recollect how many times I have been here in New Delhi to travel, in 2010, this is the 3rd time, for me, it’s high frequency because every time I was in India,  Bangalore is my base station, travel outside Bangalore will be less likely to happen, instead India local colleagues will travel most of the time, because it is more comfortable for them with the language, food, everything.

Regarding New Delhi, the capital city of India, like the big cities in China, crowded with people, bad traffic, the first time come to Delhi in 2009, it was monsoon season and raining, the whole city become a swimming pool, it took me three hours to reach the destination, three times than good weather condition.

Another thing for Delhi, the same as the other cities in India, street cab is not easy to catch, you cannot wave your hands and get the taxi service, except for Mumbai, but in Mumbai the taxi is not in good condition, small and shabby. In other cities, you can only get the auto rickshaw, auto rickshaw is not suitable for long distance transport and not safe, to get better cab,  you need to call the taxi company and the taxi company call center will send the cab to your place. This is quite inconvenience for the visitor especially the foreigner like me.

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