DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme Day 3, 17th Dec.2019


The third day of DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme was on Tuesday, 17th Dec.2019. We visited Kibbutz Magal, and the Netafim company who is partially owned by Kibbutz Magal, had Israeli lunch at Kibbutz Magal. In the afternoon Yoav Guez lectured on Intrapreneurship – Pactical aspects. In the evening, attended a Israeli cooking class, we ate what we cooked.

Kibbutz Magal – Netafim Company

We visited Kibbutz Magal in the morning, the speaker introduced the history of Kibbutz, which is a socialism organization, the main character was that each kibbutz member received an equal budget according to his or her needs, regardless of what job they held, it is Communism which were tested at Soviet Union and China before, seems not working. The kibbutz organization will take care all the education, healthcare, housing, almost everything. The speaker also introduced the development of the kibbutz, i.e. the privatization process, and the future of kibbutz.

Another part of the presentation was about the Netafim company, the speaker talked about the Netafim’s irrigation technologies, products, and privatization of the company. Later on we had a tour around Netafim company to see their product.

Intrapreneurship – Practical aspects

In the afternoon Yoav Guez lectured on Intrapreneurship – Practical aspects. Yoav Guez was the founder and CEO of Beta Enterpreneurship. He talked about how to understand the innovation, discontinuities either from top down or understand the weak signal from bottom up. The design thinking to understand what does customer want, and assessment, is it real, can we win, and is it worth doing? The incubation process by slow small steps and trial, seeing and screening, validation, incubation, and acceleration.

There was a case in the class, watched a video about a couple booking air ticket, taking air travel and arrival destination, the task was to find out the pain point, design a creative idea to provide recommendation.

One point, tell a story to show your idea to your investor, show the audience how people will use your product.

Yoav Guez

Israeli cooking class

In the evening, attended a Israeli cooking class, we ate what we cooked.
There was a recipe that including the detail how to make Israeli Falafel Balls, Mint Scented Israeli Salad, Ben Tzvi 78 Hummu, Yellow amba Tahini, Chicken with Lemon and Herbs, House Kebabs, Ben Gurion rice, Traditional Fish for Shabbat, Challah for Shabbat, Spicy Shakshuka, Rose water Mallabi, etc..

Cooking class

Video summary

Below was the third day DBI programme summary video taken and uploaded to Youtube, click to view the video on Youtube.


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