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DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme Day 2, 16th Dec.2019


The second day of DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme was on Monday, 16th Dec.2019. In the morning, Dr. David Zvilichovsky lectured on "The Israeli innovation eco-system", in the after we visited a Start-Up company Bosco founded by sFBI, and in the evening, we had a short tour to Jaffa, the dinner was not included, so we arranged by ourselves at Dunya.

The Israeli innovation eco-system

I think Dr. David Zvilichovsky was one of the best professors in the DBI programme, he talked about the reason behind Israel as Start-Up nation, i.e. Israeli innovation eco-system. He put Israel in a bigger background, covers various topics, like Israeli social structure, community, economy status, different industries (Diamonds industry was quite interesting), hi-tech export ratio, R&D investment comparison between Israel and the world, big hi-tech companies, service sectors, why Israel has so much current account balance right now, M&A in Israel,energy issue of Israel, Israeli innovative gene (Nation was led by scientist), etc..

Group photo after the class:

David class

Company Visit sFBI

In the afternoon we visited Bosco who was founded by sFBI, Bosco is a mobile app which can protect children safe online. Enon Landenberg was the speaker, and was the founder of sFBI and Bosco . He talked about what he has done before Bosco , like volunteer experience of SpaceIL, which was to send Israeli spacecraft to the moon surface, and some other Start-Ups he had created, and he also talked about the reason to create Bosco and how does it work.

Tour of Jaffa

Jaffa is at the south of Tel Aviv and is the oldest part of the city with an ancient sea port. In the evening, we just walked around the Jaffa with our tourist guide.

Dinner at Dunya near hotel

After the Jaffa trip, the bus dropped us at the Herods hotel, we went to a restaurant called Dunya for dinner, it was walking distance in 5 minutes, the restaurant was with Israeli local food, the taste was very nice. We ordered different types of food, shared together, and drank beers.

There was a money changer around the corner of Gordon Street just 20 meters from the restaurant.

Dinner at

Video summary

Below was the second day DBI programme summary video taken and uploaded to Youtube, click to view the video on Youtube.


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