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DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme Day 1, 15th Dec.2019


DBI (Doing Business in Israel) programme started on 15th Dec.2019, the activities include Course opening & Network session, visiting Beit Hatfutzot museum, orientation tour of the Tel Aviv University, group photo, lecture on "Israel at a glance", meeting an Israeli entrepreneur, at last, had opening dinner arranged with Eatwith.

The breakfast at Herods Tel Aviv hotel was nice and with a lot of choices, the restaurant was at the beach side, with nice view to the Mediterranean, we started from hotel at 8.20 AM to TAU (Tel Aviv University) by chartered bus, all the courses were taught at Dan David building in TAU.


Course opening and network session

The course opening was led by Udi Aharoni – DBI director, he welcomed all the exchange students, gave the introduction about the DBI programme and Israel.

Dr. Shoshi Chen taught about leadership, manage yourself, your team, your network, and what to do when you are new, the activities include introducing yourself, remember names, asking questions, small group role play talking about the picture card chosen etc.

Beit Hatfutzot museum

Visited Beit Hatfutzot museum which located inside TAU, the museum was all about the history and story of Jewish people. The most interesting part was the Synagogue Hall, the scale synagogue models were the replicate of the synagogue into detail.

Group photo

Took group photo in front of Coller School of Management in TAU (Tel Aviv University), I was at the last row most right side.

Group photo

Lunch options.

Lunch options

Israel at a glance

Israel at a glance was taught by Prof. Uriya Shavit, he was talking about the whole history of Israel, from ancient to modern, the creation of Israel state, the recent relationship history and war with Arab, current Israeli education, innovation and information technology, demographic, military, Israeli collective personality etc. The professor was really knowledgeable.

Meeting an Israeli entrepreneur

Moti Radomski – VP Product at Kenshoo talked about his entrepreneur experience, how he grew up and become interest into computer science, started his career, founded YaData and then acquired by Microsoft, what is he doing currently. He also talked about Start-Up culture in Israel.

Photo with Moti Radomski – VP Product at Kenshoo.

Moti Radomski

Opening Dinner

At last we had opening dinner arranged by Eatwith, Eatwith is a Start-Up company and social eating platform, providing services to connect the travelers around the world with local hosts who can provide authentic food experience, we also listened the experience sharing from the people who is working at Eatwith.

Dinner photo:


Below was the first day DBI programme summary video taken and uploaded to Youtube, click to view the video on Youtube.


Wiki Museum of the Jewish People at Beit Hatfutsot
NUS MBA 10 days Short exchange programme DBI (Doing Business in Israel)
DBI (Doing Business in Israel) arriving Tel Aviv 14th Dec.2019
Udi Aharoni – DBI director
Dr. Shoshi Chen
Prof. Uriya Shavit
Moti Radomski – VP Product at Kenshoo
Eatwith Israel

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