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DBI (Doing Business in Israel) arriving Tel Aviv 14th Dec.2019

Refer to blog entry NUS MBA 10 days Short exchange programme DBI (Doing Business in Israel), I started from Singapore on 13th Dec. and arrived Tel Aviv on 14th Dec. morning.

Shenzhen Airline ChangiAirport – Shenzhen BaoanAirport ZH9024 2019-12-13 17:25 22:05
Hainan airline Flight 743 Dec 14 1:35 AM Shenzhen SZX to Tel Aviv-Yafo TLV 7:35 AM
Hainan airline Flight 744 Dec 24 12:10 PM -Tel Aviv-Yafo TLV Shenzhen SZX 5:00 AM
Shenzhen Airline Shenzhen BaoanAirport – ChangiAirport ZH9023 2019-12-25 11:30 15:55

It was around 8.00 AM in the morning I cleared the immigration check point and collected my luggage. I just showed my DBI programme invitation letter to the immigration officer, Singapore passport was Visa exempted. Without any question, the officer issued a name card size stay permit with my passport photo print on it, and I can stay in Israel for 3 months. There was no chop on my passport, this arrangement will leave no trace on my passport, so I can still go to Arab countries without any issue in future.

I waited at the Ben Gurion for about 1 hour, and another two NUS MBA students took another flight arriving at around 9 o’clock, we three shared a taxi to go to the Herods Hotel, taxi was the only option as it was Saturday morning the Shabbat. After we arrived at the hotel, the hotel rooms were not available, so we have to sit at the bar near the hotel to wait. It was sunny, cool and windy weather at the Mediterranean beach, the temperature was around 15 degree Celsius, the view was quite nice.

I found a super market near the hotel, and bought the shaver and bought one Android charger cable in the near shop, as I forgot to bring both. There was money changers, I changed from USD to NIS at three locations:

  • Ben Gurion Airport, 1 USD = 3.29 NIS (New Israel Shekel)
  • Money changer near hotel, 1 USD = 3.44 NIS
  • Money changer in Jerusalem, 1 USD = 3.45 NIS

One comment, don’t follow the taxi driver who approach you in the airport, they will over charge you even by the taxi meter, go to the normal taxi stand to get a taxi.

Refer to here for more information regarding transportation from Ben Gurion Airport to Tel Aviv.

Refer to 18 Things You Need To Know Before You Travel To Israel for some more general information, including how to buy a local SIM card, it is highly recommend to buy a local SIM with data service, I bought one before I started the trip online.

Below was the first day video taken and uploaded to Youtube, click to view the video on Youtube.

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