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Collected my Singapore passport at ICA

Collected my Singapore passport at ICA on 30th of June 2015, herewith the timeline of all these process,

1, completed the CSS (Community Sharing Session) on 29th May evening (Friday), and completed the Singapore journey online at the weekend.

2, in less than two weeks received the Citizenship approval letter, around 12th of June 2015

3, on 17th June, went to China embassy in Singapore to renounce my Chinese Citizenship. refer to this link:

4, on 22nd June 2015, went to China embassy in Singapore again to collect the notarial certificate of renunciation.

5, on 23rd, went to ICA to do the Singapore citizenship registration, to take the oath of renunciation, allegiance and loyalty, the original appointment is 30th June, I changed to 23rd June, they punched a hole on my PR NRIC, and gave me a paper slip with my photo on it to be used as new IC, the pink IC will be collected at the citizen ceremony, may wait another two or three months. At the same day applied the Singapore passport.

6, on 26th June, received the letter to inform the passport is ready to collect, made e-appointment on 30th June.

7, on 30th June, collected the passport at ICA.


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  1. Hello, I’m going through this process I’m wondering if you did an official notary translation for the renunciation certification from China embassy?

    • dear Zjj,

      Greetings. have u got your answer. Im also going through this process. Did u get it translated or the china embassy certification is both in eng n chinese?