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China Southern Airline delayed my baggage when flying to Changsha


I bought ticket on 4th June and flew to Changsha China on 8th June by China Southern Airline, my check in luggage did not arrive in the same flight with me, it ended up China Southern Airline delivered the luggage to Changsha city home the next day afternoon. After I returned to Singapore, called China Southern Airline customer service, they compensated me 500 RMB.

Delay on 8th June 2018

My first segment flight from Singapore to Guangzhou was delayed, there was only 1.5 hours for me to board next segment flight of Guangzhou to Changsha. I guess this delay caused the mishap that my check in luggage cannot catch the next flight to Changsha.

I landed Changsha at around 12:00PM noon time and went through immigration, waited at the baggage belt to collect my check in luggage. My check in luggage didn’t come, instead, one piece of notice paper was put on the luggage carousal.


I approached the customer service counter as indicated on the notice, registered my name, contact number and delayed baggage delivery address, then had to leave the airport without my check in luggage. The delayed luggage was sent to my location in Changsha city the next day afternoon.
Property irregularity report


As I went to Changsha on 8th June, and took flight back to Singapore on 10th June morning, one day delay of my luggage caused me great inconvenience. At around 20th June, I called China Southern Airline customer service, requested compensation, they asked me to call the itinerary starting or ending point, so I called China Southern Airline Changsha luggage service, finally China Southern Airline agreed to compensate me 500 RMB.

Because I made this request on the phone, I need to write a authorization letter for them to transfer 500 RMB to the designated account. It took another 3~5 days to receive the money.

Authorization letter


China Southern Airline Delayed, Lost, or Damaged Baggage
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Bought ticket from Singapore to ChangSha China on 4th June

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