PC/SC Winscard SCardTransmit error 0x00000016 returned

Use PC/SC Winscard SCardTransmit function, it returns error 0x00000016 when using Contactless card reader, found the 2nd parameter of SCardTransmit( ) was wrong. If I replace the 2nd parameter from SCARD_PCI_T0 to SCARD_PCI_RAW under PC/SC contactless mode, the problem was resolved. The change was as below, lErrCode = SCardTransmit(m_hSCard, SCARD_PCI_T0, send, sendLen, NULL, recv, &recvLen); […]

Biometric Passport (MRTD) reading test with my own passport (BAC)

Summary Studied the ICAO spec, tested Biometric Passport (MRTD) reading with my own passport. Successfully did the BAC (Basic Access Control) authentication to my passport and read out the basic passport information, including: EF_COM (1E), EF_DG1, EF_DG2 (Face) information. Analyzed the detail. Reader and Passport Tested with below Omnikey 5321v2 reader. My own passport, can […]