Shrink existing /home LVM with xfs format

Summary ProblemNo free sectors available install xfsdump dump the home system to temhomedump umount home delete create and format with shrank size mount restore home successful result reduced to 10G from 108G problem still exist cannot create new partition below action will crash the root system Refernce Summary If you require to shrink the file system with xfs format, unfortunately there is no method to do so, in my case, the /root and /home system was installed in the LVM, and with xfs file system, cannot do much to /root system, dumped out /home file system, format and shrank the file system and restored the /home system.


琢磨了一下银行贷款的月还款是怎么计算出来的, 网上的说法叫分期付款, 不清楚其它的算法, 一般的情况下是每个月还一部分本金,还一部分利息, Wiki上有一个公式, Amortization calculator,, 在这里有一个实际计算的例子,, 自己手动算了一个例子, 结果在这, 1, 假如贷$150,000, 利率是8%, 贷30年, 那么每个月还多少呢?