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Car accident on 24th Feb. 2016

I had an accident on 24th Feb. 2016, it was my first accident during almost five years driving in Singapore, actually it was a minor accident, in the morning busy hour around 8.00 AM, I followed the front car too close at the red light intercourse on the upper Serangoon road, maybe it was an amber light, the car in front braked suddenly, I cannot stop in time and hit the car in the back.
Car accidents
Car accidents
We just took photos and moved our cars to the nearest bus stop as in the busy morning we don’t want to create a traffic jam, after inspection, my car bonnet bent obviously, the front bumper has some minor scratch, the other car is a Mitsubishi, his trunk cannot be closed. We discussed, left the contact detail with each other and left the scene.
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Later after I arrived office, I received call from the other driver, he said since repair for his car may not be a small amount money, it will be better to go through the insurance. I recorded down the following procedure as below.
1, searched Aviva hot line number and made the insurance report (24th March Wednesday), actually it was Mobile Accident Response Service (MARS) took the call and they sent one person the same day afternoon to inspect the my car and took some photos. And produced a Singapore Accident Statement and sent me the PDF version in the evening.
2, I chose SME Motor Pte Ltd as listed of Aviva authorized car repair workshop, and drove my car there, they requested me to send the accident report, certificate of insurance etc. I drove my car back as they need to arrange another time to drive the car to the workshop.
3, I drove my car to SME Motor on 2nd March Wednesday, and they claimed it may take around 1 week to repair and make it ready. I received the call on 8th March Tuesday morning and went to pick up my car back the same day afternoon. The whole procedure closed.

As my OWN DAMAGE POLICY EXCESS is S$500, so I paid S$535 (inclusive of GST) when picked up the car, the NCD (Non Claims Discount) affected from current 40% to next 30% upon renew the car insurance. When I saw the detail of the repair, the real cost was more than S$2000, they replaced the affected parts with new spare part if they can.

The whole procedure costed money, time and affected my regular arrangement, I took this as a lesson, after this accident, I may drive more carefully on the road.

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