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BMA5003 Financial Accounting in First semester

I selected BMA5003 Financial Accounting and BMA5008 Financial Management in the first semester Academic Year: 2018/2019 (August to December 2018), both are core modules. BMA5003 Financial Accounting class was every Wednesday evening from 6:30pm – 9:30pm. This course led me into the accounting world, and professor KWOK, Chee Chiu Winston was an excellent teacher.

The workload was pretty heavy, there was closed book mid term exam, individual assignment, case studies, class participation (answer questions in class), and team work project & presentation (Financial statement analysis and one business event analysis).
Professor Winston did a great job teaching us accounting, his class was very fun but I feel he was a very strict person.

Company SIA part, Winston pretend to be a pilot:
SIA Pilot

SIA Pilot
Video of Winston dress as a pilot:

Group photo after the final class:
Group photo after final class
Group photo after the project presentation:
Photo after the presentation


KWOK, Chee Chiu Winston

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