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blog move again

I am not a real blogger, because most of the time I missed out blogging, either too busy or too lazy. Several days ago, found out that MSN space will terminate its service and move to wordpress, this is really an annoyance, my first blog was the QQ zone, after my QQ number stolen, moved to MSN space and CSDN, now need to move again, forcible by the server provider. the initial plan of CSDN blog is to write technical piece from time to time, but easier said than done.

Stick to daily blogging really need the perseverance and also a time consuming work, so I am surprised that someone update blog daily and each blog entry contains quite amount content.

I heard that a good blogger need to setup his/her own name space, also rent a space in the internet with IP address, once you have a website to manage, you will have passion to work on it. maybe it’s time to do it like that.

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