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Solving Konqueror cannot display Chinese

Just installed the KDE on my Ubuntu, and the Internet explorer comes with the KDE is the Konqueror, however the first time  I was using the Konqueror found it cannot display the Chinese properly, all becomes gubbish characters, found the solution by google, by copying the fonts from the windows system,

1, mount the windows C drive, you needs to see the hard drive name of the C drive

sudo mount /dev/hda1 /mnt/c

2, copy the fonts from the windows font folder

Windows font folder is as: /mnt/c/windows/Fonts

Destination Ubuntu folder is as: /usr/share/fonts

I copied as many fonts as possible, not sure which one took effect, which includes:

arial.ttf cour.ttf micross.ttf per_____.ttf verdana.ttf
batang.ttc gulim.ttc mingliu.ttc simsun.ttc, simsun.ttc


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