Citizenship Ceremony 24th Oct. 2015 Ang Mo kio GRC – SengKang West SMC

As my home is in HouGang, in every general election will be allocated to different constituency(most of the time for my home address), this 2015 GE my home belongs to Ang Mo Kia GRC – Sengkang West SMC, I didn’t catch up the voting, but the good thing is the Guest-Of-Honour is PM Lee for this time Citizenship Ceremony, so I had the chance to receive the Citizenship Certificate from PM Lee and took photo with him afterwards.

Bought SONY Sports MP3 Player NWZ-WS615

Just bought SONY Sports MP3 Player, model number NWZ-WS615, cost 199 SD, it is waterproof with Bluetooth can connect to Smart Phone, today I tried it by wearing it to the swimming pool, waterproof feature is the reason I chose it, I have copied some mp3 song and BBC radio clip into WS615, need to change to the waterproof earbud, and with the waterproof earbud, the sound becomes quite small, you need to turn up the volume, it is okay while outside of the swimming pool, but from my personal experience the music/BBC radio clip effect is not quite good while you are swimming, as you are flapping/stroking the water while you are swimming, I am a free style swimmer, and other swimmers also will do the same thing, it is quite noisy surrounding actually, as I can anticipate this outcome, you cannot expect a good effect while there is so much noise, so

Haze continue to persist in Singapore

Singapore haze has lasted more than one month, this was caused by Indonesia firms and farmers who engaged in illegal slash and burn practices, this is a way of inexpensively clearing the land, this year (2015) becomes more severe as someones says it is because of dry conditions caused by El Niño phenomenon make the fire spread more easily and widely, at the end of September, the PSI(Pollutant Standard Index) hit a record high with a reading of 341, the MOE announced the schools to be closed, it is said 2015 haze crisis has becomes the worst records in the region, even outstripped the 1997 haze crisis which loses 9 billion US Dollar.

Passed CISSP exam on 2nd October 2015

Passed the CISSP exam yesterday 2nd October 2015(Friday), finally accomplished this target by spending more than 4 months study, it is time consuming and a little painful experience, sometimes I don’t like the high level/theory thing, suitable for Manager level(only talking, not doing), I think CISSP is one of them, and I would like more hands on skill like RedHat certification,  it is kind of relieve after got the exam pass result yesterday.