WordPress add links manager

WordPress doesn’t support links managers from V3.5 anymore, but the function is still there, only in hidden status, if you need to use this function, you need to install the links manager plug-in, after you have installed this plug-in, your wordpress folder will have the additional folder ‘link-manager’, the link-manager.php file only contain as: <?php /* Plugin Name: Link Manager * Description: Enables the Link Manager that existed in WordPress until version 3.5.

kickstart usage in RHEL6

Kickstart is used in Redhat Linux automatically perform unattended operating system installation and configuration.Install Kickstart yum install system-config-kickstart Start the kickstart at “Applications->System Tools->Kickstart” you can generate your kickstart configuration file from kickstart configurator, just configure it one step by one step, herewith one link of the detail: http://blog.sina.com.cn/s/blog_64aac6750100zrwn.html here I generated ks_XiongX.cfg, add one line key –skip key --skip # Install OS instead of upgrade install change the access condition,   chmod 777 ks_xiongX.cfg I uploaded to, folder /var/www/html/, this can be accessed by Install the Linux in the KVM by the kickstart, first install the KVM # yum install kvm qemu-kvm python-virtinst libvirt libvirt-python virt-manager libguestfs-tools Create new KVM, choose ‘network boot’ link to the DVD source and the kickstart configuration file.

Linux SSH tunnel access test

Use the SSH to build up the tunnel access to other computer can make the communication encrypted and secured, tested on the http service by using the SSH tunnel access, 1, use the wireshark to capture the data without the SSH tunnel,  host as, remote server as The data can be viewed, 2, build up the SSH tunnel ssh root@instructor -L 12345: instructor:80 needs to input the password 3, use the tunnel to access the, by the input in the firefox as “localhost:12345/pub/rhel6/dvd/GPL”, through local address and port 12345 4, use the wireshark to capture the data with SSH tunnel, encrypted, cannot be viewed.