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从网上查到支票的有效期是六个月, 不过也是银行方面决定对六个月以上的支票进行处理与否, 如果银行不处理, 只能找支票签发人再重新签一张新的支票. 以前不知道支票上的日期是怎么回事, 收到一张支票日期是在七天以后, 以为是要在七天之内必须投, 后来才知道支票可以先投, 但是要七天后有效. 以下摘自网上,

How long are cheques valid for?

Banks will usually reject cheques that are more than six months old but, in fact, it’s at their discretion. They can choose to cash it if they want to so don’t assume that if you wrote a cheque to someone over six months ago that you’re off the hook from paying it! Cheques actually remain legally valid for six years – yes, I did say six years – and the only way to cancel a cheque is to ask for a ‘stop’ to be placed on it. However, cheques backed by a cheque guarantee card cannot be stopped.

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