Embedded Linux S3C2440 environment setup

Summary Create Virtualbox image from USB image USB to serial port usage use putty as hyper terminal Use minicom in Fedora Linux Network connection between S3C2440 and Virutalbox USB connection between S3C2440 and Virtualbox Reference Link Summary Setup the embedded Linux S3C2440 environment recently, by using Fedora Linux system in Virtualbox, the USB to serial port, did the minicom setup, network connection setup etc.

Linux SSH tunnel access test

Use the SSH to build up the tunnel access to other computer can make the communication encrypted and secured, tested on the http service by using the SSH tunnel access, 1, use the wireshark to capture the data without the SSH tunnel,  host as, remote server as The data can be viewed, 2, build up the SSH tunnel ssh root@instructor -L 12345: instructor:80 needs to input the password 3, use the tunnel to access the, by the input in the firefox as “localhost:12345/pub/rhel6/dvd/GPL”, through local address and port 12345 4, use the wireshark to capture the data with SSH tunnel, encrypted, cannot be viewed.