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Singapore Citizenship AIP (Approve in principle)

Applied Singapore citizenship on June 2014, it took more than 10 months for ICA to process my application,  24th April, I opened my mailbox as regular, found one letter from ICA, it was one page and I thought it was a reject letter, normally one page letter is always rejection letter, but when I saw ‘We are pleased to inform you  that…’, it was approved, the date is 19th April, took one week to reach my mailbox.

The next steps are e-Journey, Singapore Experiential Tour and Community Sharing session, just complete the e-journey on Saturday, takes around one hour to watch some video, just for some introduction of Singapore history, culture, national anthems, flag, working, living in Singapore, etc.

Arranged the Experiential Tour on 16th May, it is a Saturday. and the community sharing is on 29th May, Friday evening at Pasir Ris Punggol community club.


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